Friday, March 23 2018
Small enough to care, big enough to deliver
At COPE the security of our customers' products is paramount to our entire operation.  We have independent full time security managers armed with the most sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment available to any industry.
Our state-of-the-art security system ensures:
  • High-level monitoring of your sensitive freight
  • Secure building and facility access (local and remote)
  • Improved employee and customer safety
  • Video recording of critical events
  • Alarm verification
  • Simultaneous operations and multi-camera playback
  • Instant identification and retrieval of recorded events
  • Proprietary high-performance image quality settings
  • Smart Search image analysis
  • Pre-alarm settings
  • Video and text analysis - including synchronised integrated text and video
  • Integrated live and recorded video
  • Configurable visible/covert cameras
  • Selectable camera frame-rates
  • Activity logging
  • Motion-exception monitoring
  • Exception building user interface
  • Remote alarm/event notification
  • Enhanced remote-search functions

State-of-the-art security systems

At COPE the security of our customer's products is paramount to our whole operations.

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