Convoy for Families

COPE Sensitive Freight was proud to participate in the annual Convoy for Cancer fundraiser, held in April by the ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group.

The Cancer Support Group assists families affected by cancer, by helping to cover some of the costs associated with battling the illness.

It aims reduce the level of financial stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The convoy involved 400 trucks and 300 motorcycles, and raised more than $200,000.

This year COPE Canberra staff, led by Site to Site driver Andrew Cadona, requested that COPE enter trucks in the convoy, with the staff volunteering their time to drive on the Sunday.

COPE was thrilled to enter five trucks in the fundraiser. The guys came in on the Saturday to clean and polish the trucks, and were back in on the Sunday at 8am to get to the start point.

The Convoy for Cancer families took roughly three hours to travel from Fyshwick to the end point at Exhibition Park, where there was a family afternoon.

Canberra drivers who participated were Andrew Cadona, Adam Hiles, Andy Bordiuk, Barry Woodyatt and Michael. Wally Barnier (ACT Manager), Karinna Ugov (ACT Operations Manager) and Barry’s partner acted as photographer on the day.


Share the Dignity

Share the Dignity is a charity that was started in 2015 by Rochelle Courtney with a goal of ensuring that no woman should have to choose between buying food or buying sanitary items.

During the months of November and December a campaign called #itsinthebag is run where businesses and individuals can donate a preloved handbag filled with toiletries, everyday items and gifts.

COPE in partnership with National Storage has been assisting with the transport of donated stock around the country, helping to reach women in need in some of the most rural and remote communities that are a little harder for deliveries to reach.

COPE provided logistical assistance for more than 50 pallets going to 40 different locations.

Two pallets of donated items were sent out from Sydney in January, bound for Women’s and Children’s Safe Houses in areas such as Walgett, Brewarrina and Lightning Ridge.

About 140 fully stocked handbags were sent to Caylus, which is an organisation that supports youth programmes and other services engaging with youth in the central Australian region.

Most recently COPE assisted with moving 150 handbags to Warringarri Aboriginal Corporation in Kununurra and team members described the delight on the women’s faces as priceless, when they received the delivery.

These bags helped so many women, including people from the Women’s Domestic and Family Violence Crisis Centre, the Sober-up-shelter and One Family At A Time organisation. Gawooleng Yawoodeng, a women’s crisis centre in Kununurra, was also given bags to help women in need.

The COPE team was thrilled to receive a thank you note from every delivery made:

“To COPE Transport, who wear their heart on their trucks and make it possible, we are truly grateful that you all share our passion to help women in need”.

“COPE Transport we couldn’t thank you enough. There are lots of people that help us Share the Dignity but the team at COPE transport seriously rock with their kindness to help women in need across Australia. 140 bags were donated by the kind souls of Cessnock and surrounds, and are being delivered to the south coast of NSW to help reach more regional communities we aren’t normally able to deliver to. We couldn’t do this without the corporate support of businesses like COPE transport!!!  Three cheers for team COPE!!”

“Thank you so much! I can’t even tell you how excited these two charities are to be receiving donations! It really means so much to them and they are so excited to share the donations with the women they are looking after.”

“We could NOT do this at all without the help from our good friends at COPE Transport who so kindly move our stock around to remote areas; we are so grateful.”

For further details on this charity see and for more details on the ‘itsinthebag’ campaign see